Deadly Papaya Salmonella Outbreak

DELMARVA–  The papaya salmonella outbreak has turned deadly and it is still spreading.

The fruit, which is being imported from farms in Mexico, has sickened almost 150 people with one death.

19 states have announced cases of salmonella, including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. 

There have been no local cases reported, but local health officials are still taking action, spreading recall notices and informing the public on how to stay healthy.

"So that would be for the recall notice that was sent out from the state, advising the retail facilities not to sell these papayas and if any consumers do find that they do have these papayas at home, they should not consume them and they should just throw them away," says Allison Marine, Director of Environmental Health at the Wicomico Public Health Department.

The CDC is recommending consumers not to eat Maradol papayas from the Carica de Campeche farm in Mexico and those affected range in age from less than 1-year-old to 95 years-old, and 67% of patients are Hispanic.

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