NASA prepares to launch from Va. In coming months

The team at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility is preparing for another launch in the coming months.

This past October, Orbital ATK's Antares program successfully completed a mission carrying the company's Cygnus spacecraft. The team is now ready to support the company's eighth contracted cargo re-supply services for NASA.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport ('MARS') has completed refurbishment of the launch pad since the last mission. We're told, they're ready to launch in September; however, they are prepared to launch as early as August if needed.

Kurt Eberly, vice-president of the Orbital ATK Antares, says new engines on the rocket are capable of 13 percent higher thrust.

"We've done detailed data review from that mission and it was a very clean mission, very good performance. We got a little more energy out of the first stage and second stage that we were counting on," says Eberly. "We always put a little margin in and it turns out, we can release a little of that margin."

A sounding rocket is scheduled to launch from Wallops Island on Monday. It was postponed Sunday due to boats in the launch range hazard area.

Monday's launch has a window range between 9:04 and 9:19.

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