Salisbury City Councilwoman publicly apologizes for controversial post

A Facebook post from Salisbury City council member April Jackson saying, "Ya'lls President is RETARDED…. He's far pass the Holly Center," about President Donald Trump and the community went viral, created a firestorm and ended with an apology.

"I never meant to hurt anyone in this statement, never," says Jackson.

Tears shed, Monday night by Jackson as she stood in front of her peers and constituents to address a growing controversy.
Standing at the podium Jackson shares, "As a member of Salisbury City Council, as a community leader, and a representative for Wicomico County and a Christian, I'm standing here this evening to publicly apologize for offending the intellectually disabled and the Holly Center."

She went on saying, "{This weekend} was one of the hardest times I've had in my life. Dealing with death and threatening phone calls…all kinds of things for something that was taken out of context."

One by one almost a dozen stood to address Jackson's actions, but the apology changed the narrative.

One community member saying "Originally I had come up here to address Ms. Jackson's actions, but I just want to say I believe she answered all my questions that I had. It took a lot of class and dignity for you to get up here in front of your peers and constituents to own your actions and apologize."

Another saying, "I am here because she is important to our city, she's important to our young people, our young people look up to her."

One local mom says, "I am a mother of child with down syndrome and I would like to speak to the use of the word the 'R' word. I would like to use this as an opportunity and platform to educate because too often this word does get used," she continues, "The 'R' word creates a negative stigma that belittles children and adults with special needs so if we are to move forward, if we are to take something from this situation it's to learn and understand that that word is hurtful."

The city council president concluded the meeting with remarks thanking everyone for being respectful to one another.

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