Carper “Climate Change Tour” comes to Dewey Beach

Dewey Beach was the final stop Friday on U.S. Senator Tom Carper's “Climate Change Tour”.

During his visit he went on a tour of the area with more than a dozen people to highlight the changes underway.  

“I’m definitely noticing changes because I can see the marsh at the end of McKinley Street and I've had the impression that it is getting smaller,” said resident Marty Tarr.  

According to scientists who study the area and are working to stop the effects of Mother Nature, there has been a change. That's why meetings with people like Senator Carper (D) are important.  

“Education is first and foremost,” said Dr. Emily Seldomridge. “We want to highlight all the partnerships and have a community come together around a central issue.”  

The question that lingers is whether or not the country is prepared to take those steps and if the Senator and others are prepared or have real solutions.  

“Clean coal technology is something I have done,” said Senator Tom Carper. “The other is to encourage the states over time to come up with their own plans to reduce emissions of carbon.”  

Carper says he's concerned about the changing political landscape, and the divide on climate change. But he's optimistic that Americans can pull together and work with one another toward a common goal.  

”We have been given a very special treasure here to live on, planet Earth. We have an obligation as stewards to take care of that earth and turn it over to our kids and grandchildren in better shape than we left it. I think that that can unite us, when a lot of other things cannot,” said Senator Carper.  

The Senator made other stops along the coast on Friday.  

Last month, Senator Carper joined 21 of his Senate colleagues and called on President Trump to restore funding for the critical Sea Grant program that supports research into the health and resilience of the nation's coastal communities.

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