Statewide initiative hopes to prevent youth homelessness across Maryland

In Maryland, a state initiative is hoping to measure how many young adults are experiencing homelessness.

This initiative was created by Youth REACH MD back in 2014.

The goal is to help prevent youth homelessness across Maryland.

Five phases were created to conduct an effective "Demonstration Youth Count" as an ongoing way to track the progress of homeless youth.

The first phases found 834 unaccompanied young adults experiencing these circumstances across the participating counties. And now they are in their final phase, as they are revising 17 counties for a second demonstration count this spring.

One of the other goals of this project is to learn how to do this in urban areas, suburban areas, rural areas and how to engage youth in those different areas

The final count for this phase will be done by April.

A final report will be submitted to the Maryland General Assembly this September.

Going forward, this initiative hopes to improve efforts and provide proper resources. 

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