Salisbury makes changes to city’s fire departments

It appears there are now four new full-time firefighters heading to the city of Salisbury.

Salisbury's Mayor Jake Day made the announcement Monday at a council meeting.

The mayor said that the city has been reviewing data from the past 14 months.

He says that the data has provided feedback on things such as travel time to fires, effective fire fighting force and containing a fire.

“And that has resolved the issue. We're able to meet our expectations. We're able to respond 100-percent of the time. Just as we need to. Rather than what we were facing which was a failure rate of 50-percent of the time from certain parts of the city,” Day said.

Mayor Day also says that these full time employees will not cost the city additional money because costs were taken from part time funds and over time funds.

The Mayor says the city will advertise, interview and hire beginning next week.

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