Maryland wind energy public hearing

In Maryland — comments are being accepted regarding the state's production of wind energy.

A public hearing held at Stephen Dacatur High School Tuesday, focused on what residents had to say regarding plans to build a meteorological tower in Ocean City.

The tower will be used to gather real-time data on wind conditions in the area for use in both design and financial activities.

47 ABC spoke with Matthew Drew a mechanical engineer for AWB Engineers, a firm that hopes to be involved in the state's wind energy business.

Drew attended the hearing and says that no one spoke against the tower construction.

He also says that he supports the state's involvement in wind energy because it would create a sustainable source of power, create jobs and draw manufacturing jobs to the area.

“I spoke in favor of the project because of the opportunity for a new industry and new jobs coming to the Eastern shore,” Drew said.

“This is a sustainable source of power for our community that can help us get away from the finite fossil fuel sources that we use right now.”

Written comments are now being accepted for this project until the end of March.

You can send comments to Maryland's Air and Radiation Management Administration in Baltimore at:

Ms. Shannon Heafey
Air Quality Permits Program
Air and Radiation Management Administration
1800 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21230

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