Hogan vows to veto bill, helping struggling schools

Governor Larry Hogan vows to veto a bill that he says limits the state's ability to hold failing schools accountable.

Hogan calls the bill misguided and horrible, saying it prevents the state board of education from enacting reforms for consistently struggling schools.

But the Maryland State Education Association says the Every Student Succeeds Act protects schools from privatization.

And the union supports the bill for including qualities other than test scores on determining how well schools are doing.

"It is designed to hide the failures of particular schools teachers and administrators who have been operating these failing schools for years, all at the expense of the children who are trapped in those failing schools," Hogan said.

The governor says the bill could end up costing Maryland $250 million in federal funding.

The bill passed the House by a veto-proof margin. It is now pending in the Senate.

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