MD lawmaker proposes bill to stop child marriages

Child marriages are still happening here in the United States but one Maryland lawmaker is fighting back.

Maryland Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary introduced House Bill 799.

Currently in Maryland, a child can marry at the age of 15 only if there is parental consent and is pregnant or has a child.

And teens ages 16 and 17 can marry if either one of those conditions are met.

The bill would make 18 the legal age to marry, with no exceptions.

Atterbeary told 47 ABC that the legislation aims to protect children.

“So I think if we just create a bright line and say hey let’s wait until you're 18, and then you can get married. That's when you're deemed an adult if you want to get married, go ahead,” Atterbeary said.

“That would take care of this situation and help protect our children here in Maryland.”

The bill heads to a house committee hearing on February 23.

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