National retailers to end mandatory on-call shift scheduling for employees

Multiple retail chains have agreed to stop on-call shift scheduling for employees after an inquiry earlier this year by attorneys general from several states including Maryland.

Maryland Attorney General Frosh's office sent letters in April to American Eagle, Aeropostale, Payless and 10 other retailers asking for information and documentation of their use of on-call shift scheduling. Attorneys general from seven other states and the District of Columbia also signed the letters.

Attorney General Frosh sees the end of on-call shift scheduling at these retailers as a victory.

"On-call shifts impose unnecessary hardships on retail workers and their families," Attorney General Frosh said. "The commitments made by these companies will result in fairer treatment and more predictable schedules for many Maryland retail workers, allowing employees to make additional commitments to their families and to advance their personal and career goals."

On-call shift scheduling requires employees to call their employer before a shift to see if they are assigned to work that day, making it hard to make plans in advance or have a stable, expected income.

Around 50,000 retail workers nationwide are expected to be affected by the end of on-call scheduling.

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