Robert Ritter reportedly let go as Chincoteague town manager

Robert Ritter was reportedly fired as Chincoteague town manager, according to officials.

Vice Mayor Denise Bowden says that Ritter was fired on Monday evening at Chincoteague’s closed town council meeting, and that the firing was effective immediately.

The reason for Ritter being let go was not immediately available, but officials say that it was a personnel issue. Furthermore, Ritter being fired, according to Vice Mayor Bowden, was not taken lightly, but the decision was in the best interest of the people of Chincoteague.

Ritter was reportedly escorted out of the meeting by officials.

Vice Mayor Denise Bowden says that they will be looking for Chincoteague’s next town manager over time.

Ritter who previously worked on the Dover City Council, salary as Chincoteague town manager was $101,230. Ritter had reportedly worked in Chincoteague since 2006.

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