Ballot questions in Wicomico Co. have been decided

According to the Maryland Elections website, the unofficial 2016 ballot question results for Wicomico County have been decided.

Question A: Local Referendum from General Assembly Chapter 169-2016 Wicomico County Board of Education – Election and Appointment of Members, has approved to have seven members elected.

Question B:Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) County Council Vacancy – Special Election Charter Section 205-206, has been approved.

Question C: Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) Submission of Appointments for Confirmation Charter Section 315, has been approved.

Question D: Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) County Executive Vacancy – Special Election Charter Section 407, has been approved.

Question E: Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) Temporary Absence or Disability of the County Executive Charter Section 410, has been approved.

Question F: Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) Temporary Administrative Appointments Charter Section 414, has been approved.

Question G: Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) Reorganization Defined Charter Section 504, has been approved.

Question H: Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) Department of Law Charter Section 507, has been approved.

Question I: Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) Personnel System Charter Section 601, has been approved.

Question J: Charter Amendment (Resolution 101-2016) Expense Budget Charter Section 705, has been approved.

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