Survey: 61 percent of Del. residents support marijuana legal

Survey: 61 percent of Del. residents support marijuana legalization

issue — but new data shows — many residents support it. a recent survey — conducted by the university of delaware — found sixty-one percent out of 9-hundred people they spoke to — reported being in favor of legalizing marijuana. about thirty-five percent — say they’re opposed. however — some state elected officials — including attorney general matt denn — say it’s difficult to take a side on an issue that many states are still debating. my position on that is what it’s been before. i think that the steps that we took in terms of possession of amounts were where we ought to be, and i’m not taking comfortable steps until we’ve had more experience seeing what other states’ experience has been who have gone further coming up in our news hour –we’ll tell you about new proposals unveiled today — on the first state’s laws on drugs and illegal gun possession.

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