Lilo is a one-and-a-half-year-old chihuahua mix available for adoption through Paws of Tomorrow

families. today — we meet lilo. here’s 47 abc’s leanne guyette. this happy little girl is lilo. she is a one and a half year old chihuahua mix. lilo is quite small — but has a lot of love to give. she is a great snuggler — and her favorite thing to be — is the center of attention. at one point — lilo put her paws on my leg — begging to get picked up. she is curious — and loves to watch what it going on around her — from the comfort of your arms. lilo enjoys the company of anyone — people — other dogs — and even cats. this sweet girl loves to have her lightan fur pet — and her tall ears scratched. her big brown eyes and cute brown nose stand out against her whwhite snout. lilo has a very expressive tail that goes a mile a minute when she’s happy — and curls up — when she’s relaxed. this cuddly girl is looking for a special home — as she has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. it doesn’t effect her now — but should be watched for the future. lilo is also surprisingly quiet for a chihuahua — and is house-trained. can you find room in your heart for lilo? for 47 abc — i’m leanne guyette. lilo is available for adoption through paws of tomorrow in ocean view delaware. the adoption fee for lilo is three hundred dollars. she has already fixed — and is up to date on her shots. for more information about lilo — visit their website — paws of tomorrow dot dog coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming up on g-m-a. and

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