Dentist: Parents should let their kids pig out on Halloween

When people think of Halloween they think of costumes and of course candy, lots of it.

“Pumpkin buckets hold about four pounds of candy that’s 11,000 calories in that one bucket so its really kind of incredible. The bag of candy you buy in the grocery store is usually four or five pounds so were talking that much sugar in that one bucket,” explains Dr. Leigh Auchey from Delmarva Dental Services.

She tells 47 ABC that sugar consumption for kids on Halloween is inevitable and some parents we spoke to vary on how they let their kids tackle the candy pile.

“I think its best that they don’t eat it all the same night. I would give them a week and then after a week if they have too much I would throw it away like I did with my kids,” says Mariana.

“She breaks it down cause she normally has a big bucket of candy but other than that its just paced,” explains Shamica. 

Her daughter, Jordyn, says, “I eat it all – I eat half the bucket every night.”

Dr. Auchey says its actually better for parents to let their kids pig out just for that one night, then donate or throw away the extra candy.

It’s something she does with her child, “I actually find that my own four-year-old gets tired of it once she has the opportunity to eat as much as she wants she’s done and that way I know were not going to continually keep bathing the teeth in sugar.”

She explains that if you let your kid span it out over weeks, their mouth is constantly being soaked in sugar, which causes decay, and eventually cavities.

Dr. Auchey also suggests that kids try to stay away from a lot of super sticky candy because it sticks actually in the grooves of the teeth making it harder to get out even during a normal brushing routine.

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