Video exposes Tyson workers mistreating animals – Tyson says

Video exposes Tyson workers mistreating animals - Tyson says they're "disgusted"

to show a number of instances of animal abuse. an animal rights group released the video last week — tyson is now responding. 47 abc’s julian sadur spoke with both groups and joins us live now in studio. julian? thanks dave – one thing both tyson and compassion over killing — agree on — is that the employees’ actions shown in the video — are unacceptable. tyson says it’s clamping down on such behavior — but compassion over killing questions whether real change will happen. again some of the footage can be considered graphic. track this video — released by compassion over killing — shows conditions inside several tyson chicken plants in virginia. 227some chickens are crushed beneath transport cages and run over with forklifts 231 track the video shows workers kicking and punching birds — and using a technique called boning — by which the sensitive part of a bird’s beak is punctured with a plastic bone — to prevent it from eating certain types of food. 0135 what our undercover investigation documented is not the result of a few bad apples or rogue workers but it is a systemic issued and it needs to be addressed 0145 track tyson was quick to respond saying those employees were trained in proper animal handling but chose to ignore it and failed to let management knowwhat they were doing. those ten employees have since been fired. whether any charges will be filed — is up to local law enforcement — depending on animal cruelty laws — as of friday — no charges. tyson also says the practice of boning was a traditional way from keeping males from eating food intended for females but that they are now eliminating the practice. 33 we’re looking at all of this to determine what are better ways that we can approach this problem. we take animal well being very seriously and we’re going to getto the bottom of this situation 42 track aside from nixing boning — tyson has no policy changes planned. for now — the company says it will meet with every employee who handles live birds — and quote – “aggressively re-emphasize the importance of proper animal handling and the consequences of not complying with the company’s animal welfare policies.” end quote. compassion over killing says this may be a sign tyson is taking these allegations seriously – but they’re not convinced it will lead to a change. 0120 because this isnt the first time this has been uncovered we are certainly concerned this is mere lip service, their touting one thing to the public as they have already done before and yet behind closed doors there’s a hauntingly different0134 now i also went out and talked to locals about what they thought of the video and tysons response to it — we’ll have that for you in the next half hour. dave thank julian — 47 abc’s julian sadur reporting — if you want to see the whole video – we have it posted on our website. construction on

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