Xavier is a 5-month-old miniature pinscher dachshund mix available for adoption from Paws of Tomorrow

animals — looking for a forever family. today — we meet xavier. here’s 47 a-b-c’s leanne guyette. theses tiny toes belong to xavier — quite the name for such a small guy! he is a 5 month old miniature pinscher dachshund mix — who is just about as sweet as can be! his black coat turns to a light brown at his paws — while his snout and eyebrows are accented with tan fur. xavier’s cute scratchable ears even have subtle brown hair mixed in. this little guy is still just a puppy — and has some growing left to do — but he already has a great personality xavier has a silly side — and is both friendly — and affectionate. during his visit to 47 abc — he didn’t meet a single person who didn’t want to say hi! he even showered our news operations supervisor josh — with kisses when he stopped by. xavier’s foster dad told me that he loves to play — especially with other dogs — and is a big fan of noisy toys. this guy does know when it is time to get some rest though — at one point during his visit — he snuggled up on my shoulder for a quick nap — before taking off again! xavier even gets along well with kids — and cats! can you find room in your heart for xavier? for 47 a-b-c — i’m leanne guyette. xavier is available for adoption through paws of tomorrow — in ocean view — delaware. his three hundred dollar adoption fee covers his shots and a microchip. he is even already fixed! for more information about xavier — email adopt at paws of tomorrow dot dog. paws of tomorrow is also in search of foster homes — so if you’re interested — shoot them an email! coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming up on g-m-a. and — the wgn show “underground” casting new characters to

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