Governor Hogan releases statement on federal redistricting lawsuit

Governor Larry Hogan issued a statement on Wednesday in response to a judicial panel ruling in favor of a Maryland-based federal redistricting lawsuit moving forward.

That statement is as follows:

“Today’s ruling is a tremendous step forward in the fight for free and fair elections, and I applaud the efforts of concerned citizens behind this case. The redistricting processes that took place in 2010, and in the decades prior, have drastically infringed on the rights of Maryland citizens to have both their voices and their votes heard. Redistricting reform is not a partisan issue but an issue that all Marylanders – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – should embrace and actively push to enact.

“This past session our administration put forward legislation to end the shameful and partisan gerrymandering practices that have dominated Maryland politics for far too long. Unfortunately, status quo politicians stopped this effort, but we will continue to push for the successful passage of that legislation going forward. The fact that multiple federal judges have found legal merit in our argument is extremely encouraging, and I look forward to seeing our state lead the nation in empowering the voters of all parties.”

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