Berlin comes together to save money through “Tweak Our Peak”

The first heat advisory of the year was issued on Thursday, and with it coincides the town of Berlin’s “Tweak Our Peak” program.  Residents are put on alert to save their energy especially on hot days, particularly between the hours of 2PM to 6PM.

Aside from the benefits of cutting down to save on individual bills, conserving energy during peak hours can keep the cost low for the whole town. Town Administrator Laura Allen says “Tweak Our Peak” helps reduce the amount of energy that needs to be borrowed from “The Grid”.  Allen says “If we have heavy electric loads, that means we have to go back out to the market to purchase more power.” Allen continued “when we’re doing that in a high peak area, that’s when it’s most expensive.”

Allen says aside from keeping the thermostat at a steady temperature, staying away from high energy appliances like dishwashers and waiting to do laundry can help keep energy levels low.

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