11pm sports 07/23/2016

11pm sports coverage with Spencer Tilus

saturday night – and that means we’re things off with sports and spenser, the summer season is coming to an end.. and that means we are talking some playoffs yeah hard to believe, but school actually starts here for a few of our teams in under 3 weeks that means, it if you are playing in a summer league.. things are wrapping up, and we are in playoff mode it was the legion ball, regional championship game this afternoon, as top seed wicomico squared off against 2nd seed talbot. scoreless game early one and we would stay that way after this 2 on for jaret bennett and he ropes that one deep to center field.. but former parkside standout lebron hilliard is able to track it down and make the catch, going into the fence! wicomico then would strike first bases loaded with 1 out when ben davis sends this one deep to right for the sac fly talbot tries to get the runner advancing to 3rd, but the throw gets away! that allows jimmy adkins to take off and score on the play as well! back comes talbot though bases juiced for zack bee, and he wears that one to drive in a run they’d then tie this thing up after wicomico tries to pick off the runner at 1st,

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