On the Job: Salisbury Dance Academy

Being any kind of dancer is no easy task. It takes hours and hours of dedication, a lot of commitment, and it can be extraordinarily taxing on your body. But for the dancers at the Salisbury Dance Academy, they live and breathe it. This week “On the Job” 47 ABC heads to the academy to join the dancers as they practice for their upcoming performance of Snow White

Walking into a room full of experienced ballerinas can be intimidating. Most of these students have been dancing since they were 3 years old and were dressed in leotards and real ballet shoes.

Miss Elena Manakhova-Amy owns the Salisbury Dance Academy and is a successful ballet dancer herself. Her most recent appearance as a dancer was with the Russian Ballet Theatre of Delaware.

Manakhova-Amy tells 47 ABC, “Today the girls will rehearse for Snow White, which is coming up, production for the Eastern Shore Ballet Theatre, we’re looking forward, they’re all excited. They work very hard, almost for two months.”

As soon as practice began, so did the laughs. Although all of the students were willing to help me out, I was hopeless. Keeping up with these girls was nearly impossible and because I really did need all the help I could get, Manakhova-Amy decided she’d pair me up with one of her students. Finally after dancing a few routines, I kind of had one down. And finally my practicing was done.

After asking if I would be offered a spot in the play, Manakhova-Amy says, “We would hide you so good you will look so good. You could be a tree you never know.”

I guess a tree is better than nothing, right? Next week 47 ABC heads to the Delaware International Speedway to prep the raceway for next weekends home opener.

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