Scam alert: Farmer’s Bank of Willards spot fraudulent checks

The Farmer’s Bank of Willards is warning of a scam trending right now that has affected some of their customers.

According to their chief operations manager, it involves fraudulent checks. A customer is contacted online by someone posing as a person they know. The customer receives a large check, is asked to deposit it, takes out a certain amount of cash, and then sends the funds via money order to the scammer.

The bank says by the time check comes back as fraudulent the customer’s money is gone. 

Mary O’Connell, the chief operations manager for the bank says, “Once the money is gone, it’s gone. In order to protect our customers and the bank, we’ve train our staff to be suspicious of those types of checks. We’ll place holds on those funds and not let them used the funds until they’re cleared.”

Officials say if you experience any suspicious activity regarding your banking information report it to your bank immediately.