Former UMES employee awarded $125k in damages in sexual assault case

Former UMES emplyee Iris Foster has been awarded $125,000 in compensatory damages following sexual assault allegations from nearly a decade ago.  Foster, who worked for the UMES police force claimed Rudolph Jones, her superior at the time, was sexually harassing her.  After going through many layers of the court system and having cases thrown out, 47ABC is told by Foster’s lawyer that a supreme court ruling from a separate case came down that allowed the case to be reconsidered in Maryland’s 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Foster’s attorney, Leizer Goldsmith, says that the ruling is very important because this case is a situation where there was an abuse of power, and the human resources chief at the time backed up the chief of police on something that they were not being truthful about.

UMES full statement on the case reads:

We accept the finding of the court, but maintain that we abide by the principles of nondiscrimination and do not discriminate or retaliate against students, faculty or staff at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.
In addition, and specifically, the university denies there was any collusion or conspiracy among senior UMES personnel to abuse their power to retaliate or otherwise harm Ms. Foster.
As the court found, and as a matter of law, the university was granted summary judgment on Ms. Foster’s sexual harassment complaint.
At all times, and believing in the correctness of its actions, UMES raised what it believed to be meritorious defenses.
Various courts upheld some, or all, of these defenses during the proceedings.
Changes in the law, however, as the case progressed lengthened the proceedings as the various courts considered their effect on the outcome of this matter
Ultimately, although upholding and finding in UMES’ favor on Ms. Foster sexual harassment complaint, the Fourth Circuit allowed Ms. Foster’s retaliation compliant to proceed.
The university will abide by and comply with the jury verdict.

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