Robotic CPR means more lives will be saved

Humans make errors, while machines usually don’t. That’s why Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department says they’re so excited that they now have the Lucas Chest Compression System, a machine that mechanically does the chest compressions during CPR.

As Matthew Gajdos, first vice president for Delaware’s EMS association says, having the machine means more lives will be saved.

“I had spent time with Sussex County EMS before I left to take the job with the state and there were people that we were able to bring back with this machine that before, in my experience as a paramedic, we would have written off,” Gajdos said.

Gajdos explains that during CPR the compressions simulate what the heart normally does, helping the blood and oxygen flow to vital organs such as the patients brain.

When the compressions stop, the blood flow stops, and starting it back up isn’t easy.

“This machine will get it going quicker and will keep it going at a good speed, whereas as a person, every time that we stop and take our hands off the chest it goes it goes back down to zero and we have to start all over again,” Gajdos said.

EMT’s say the Lucas machine will really make a difference on the ambulance.

“It actually takes a lot of the pressure off, cause in the back of the ambulance you have to stand and what not, you’re kind of ineffectively doing your job,” said Michael Greenstreet. “With this device it takes that pressure off of you cause it does it for you.”

The fire department says they hope to have all their EMT’s trained and ready to put this life saving device in operation by Friday.


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