UPDATE: Chincoteague pony examined


Authorities have determined the cause of death for missing Chincoteague pony, Dreamer Faith. 

Officials with the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department released a statement via Facebook, Monday that said a veterinarian examined the remains and looked over the area where Dreamers Faith was found.

The conclusion of the young pony’s death is that it died of a broken neck from a fallen tree branch. 

A further study of the surrounding ground also reportedly revealed that there was no signs of a struggle, or evidence of the pony trying to get out.

Dreamers Faith was reported missing in September, and officials say the pony’s remains were found on the carnival grounds in an overgrown area by a lawn maintenance worker on October 14. The pony was apparently identified by a microchip.

Although authorities are considering the case closed; Officials with the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department say they are still making decisions on the money that was collected for a reward. 

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