Sam Bradford Will Watch Sunday’s Game From The Sidelines

The Philadelphia Eagles slowed down their Friday practice in preparation for their first preseason game taking place on Sunday, at home, against the Colts.

While most teams would like to focus on the upcoming game, the Eagles have an ongoing quarterback position battle that continues to get more competitive with time.

Today, Eagles Head Coach Chip kelly announced that Sam Bradford, the thirteen-million dollar quarterback, will be sidelined for the first game of the season. Bradford was disappointed by Kelly’s decision, but he understands that it is not his call to make. He continued to add that his rehabilitated-knee feels good and that he will be ready to roll next week against the Ravens.

Kelly named Mark Sanchez the game-one starter, but mentioned he will only played a limited amount of time while Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow will split the remaining time. Kelly explained he is very excited to see what these other quarterbacks can do on the field.

Another blow to the Eagles’ offense is the loss of starting TE Zach Ertz who will miss all of preseason due to a core repair surgery done today in Philadelphia. Despite missing preseason, Ertz is expected to be back for week one of the regular season on September 14th.

The Eagles will miss several key players for Sunday’s game against the Colts, but it will be the first test for this Chip-Kelly-proof team.

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