Day announces candidacy for Salisbury Mayor, Ireton reacts

Courtesy: Facebook

At 6:00 PM on Wednesday, Salisbury City Council member, Jake Day, announced his run for Mayor of the City of Salisbury.

Current Mayor, Jim Ireton, released the following statement about the announcement: “Salisbury is excited, and I am excited about a Jake Day candidacy for Mayor. I support him wholeheartedly. I will work everyday to deliver a city to him that is safe and sound and ready for the direction his vision will take it.”

Mayor Ireton added that he is not sure he will enter the race as of yet, but he says he “will continue to work everyday until and after the November election on neighborhood stabilization and the continued revitalization and development of downtown. I owe it to Jake and our residents to work hard until I hand the keys of city hall over.”

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