IRS scams still victimizing people

If you think dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is bad — what’s worse — is dealing with someone pretending to represent the agency and scamming you out of money in the process.

Often that person will call your house or cell phone, identify themselves as an IRS worker, and tell you that you owe back taxes.

As with many scams, one red flag is asking that you pay via electronic money transfer or a pre-paid debit card.

But the biggest warning sign is the phone call itself. The IRS only calls in the most extreme of situations.

“If the IRS gets to the point where they’re calling you, then they’ve exhausted every other means of trying to contact you or collect a debt. They’re going to start off with letters. You’re going to have a paper trail of letters,” says Lt. Tim Robinson of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. Robinson says a scammer recently hacked their caller ID to appear like a phone call from the Sheriff’s Office and threatened people with arrest if back taxes were not paid.

He says that would never legitimately happen, mainly because local law enforcement has nothing to do with enforcing federal tax law.

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