Senate Bill 730 not expected to pass

The restructuring of Wicomico County Board of Education has been up for debate for years, but it may not happen soon.

District 38-B Delegate Carl Anderton, Jr. says the measure is not expected to pass. Senate Bill 730 would have changed the board to eight people, opposed to the current seven. It would consist of five elected members and only two appointed by the County Executive.

It would also include one student member.

Delegate Anderton says the decision partially comes from a Wicomcio County Education Association in favor of a fully elected board, but he says this delay could also be beneficial.

“This gives the county council some time to hold public hearings and find out a solution that fits the majority, so it’s a good thing.” He says.

47 ABC also reached out to Wicomcio County Council Vice President Matt Holloway for his thoughts.

Holloway says he agrees more time could serve as a benefit.

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