Resident alarmed by snow goose hunters

Concerns over what appears to be hunters dressed in white allegedly “drop kicking” and “throwing” snow geese in Berlin, prompted one 47 ABC viewer to contact us to find answers.

Ferrell Santacroce took pictures on Route 113 and sent them to the 47ABC newsroom.

Their waterfowl project manager from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources tells 47ABC there is an explanation for this. In order to cut down on over population, there is currently a conservation order for snow geese.

The department says snow goose hunters typically dress in white to blend in. Apparently throwing or kicking a decoy into the air can be hunting practice to attract real geese. Because of the conservation order, there is no restriction on how many snow geese you can kill or what you do with them after they’re dead.

Larry Hindman, with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources says, “Where they nest in the arctic, they’re actually too many of them. They’re doing damage to the artic eco- system that affects not only them, but other wild life species.”

47ABC has been told that kicking a goose that is still alive is considered animal cruelty and against the law. However kicking a dead goose is not illegal. The snow goose conservation period ends on April 11th.