Sussex Tech Loses Sight Of Playoff Hopes

The Sussex Tech ravens hosted the Cape Henlopen Vikings looking for a win in order to keep their playoff dreams alive. However,  the Ravens started the game with three starters not in the lineup at the beginning of the game – Shi’Wuan Sykes, Billy Ball, and Aubre Allen.

The Vikings came out very strong from start hitting the three ball as they usually do. The Ravens were looking to get themselves back in the game, but by starting the game down by so many points, they found it hard to fight their way back in it. At the end of the first half, the Vikings lead the ravens by 10.38 to 28.

Without the help of Sykes and Allen, Sussex Tech struggled on the offense of side of the ball only going 28 points the entire half.  However, sex could not stay quiet for long as he helped put the Ravens back in the game in the second half. Both Sykes and Allen would score 21 points each throughout the game (Sykes scoring 19 of those points in the second half).

Despite a come back from Sussex Tech who took the lead at one point in the game, Cape Henlopen was able to hold on and secure the win 79 – 75. With this loss, the Ravens are no longer a playoff contender.

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