Seaford Takes Down Delmar At Home

The Seaford Blue Jays hosted the Delmar Wildcats on Thursday night after taking down Laurel on Monday night in a big upset when on the road. Seaford was the underdog coming into this game against Delmar, but they proved once again that they are not the team that people may think.

Seaford led Delmar at half and it carried over as the second half of the game continued – Seaford began to get under the skin of the Delmar players while finishing their opportunities when they needed it the most. Delmar was not shooting nor looking as they normally do, which is what I think led to some frustrations. The Blue Jays kept fighting, kept scratching and clawing in order to get the win while maintaining a good head on their shoulders and not trying to fall into a trap of trash talking that was taking place on both sides. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, one of their top scorers Larry Ennis, fouled out with under two minutes left in the game – at one of the most crucial points in the game. Delmar was only down seven points, meaning Ennis would only have to score two 3 pointers which he does every single night quickly; therefore, by him being taken out of the game, the Blue Jays almost secured themselves to a victory. Shane Leatherbury was driving to the hoop in getting the bucket consistently, but it just was not enough for Delmar to get back in the game. Seaford gets the win over Delmar 84 -76.

The Seaford Blue Jays win their second game of the week taking down to top teams in the Henlopen South opening the doors for the conference championship with the season coming to an end.

R.J. Smith – 20 points
JuQuann Darling – 19 points


Larry Ennis – 29 points

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