Salisbury Mayor looking into new regulations for adult entertainment stores

One local mayor is looking to impose stricter regulations for adult entertainment stores.

Salisbury Mayor, Jim Ireton, says the Salisbury City Council is starting to look at a new piece of legislation, “amortization.” If passed, it will apparently revise current provisions for business considered adult entertainment, which include at least 20% of store square footage is devoted to “adult” material, and gross revenue received or expected from “adult” sales is 20% or more.

This new move would make registration of an Adult Entertainment business lowered to 15% square footage, and gross revenue received from “adult” sales is 15% or more.

The Mayor says he is also working to change city laws that allow shop owners to move merchandise from the floor to the wall, and bypass the code. The City’s Planning and Zoning has reportedly found that around 6.2% of the land area in the city could be eligible for use by these establishments, which is more than the 5% minimum that the law states. The Mayor says he is working to get these stores away from places of worship, and homes.

Mayor Ireton added, “We know what these establishments have done, up and down the Eastern seaboard, to circumvent local law and have these stores open in inappropriate places. This legislation will amortize these establishments within 2 years and place them in the appropriate parts of the city – away from churches and residences. The industrial parks will become the appropriate place for these businesses. I encourage the City Council to pass this update to Chapter 5 of the City Code and start the clock on the moment these businesses are required to relocate to the appropriate place.”

The new legislation would move adult establishments to other parts of the city, away from churches and homes, or business owners could reduce their inventory to comply within two years.

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