Dover PD enforce animal cruelty laws in the cold

The Dover Police Animal Control Unit advises residents to keep an eye on your pets during cold weather. The Unit asks pet owners to remember to bring their furry friends inside during the cold weather, snow and ice.

Police remind residents that animal cruelty is a crime in Delaware, and if it’s too cold for humans to stay outside, it is most likely also too cold for your pets. Delaware laws require that any animal left outside must have adequate shelter, consisting of three sides and a roof, and fresh water at all times.

Authorities suggest wood chips as an excellent idea for bedding that allows for adequate drying. Contrary to popular belief, blankets and towels will absorb moisture and make the cold worse for outside pets. Police also advice pet owners to have a plastic covering or door mat covering the enclosure to keep the wind out.

Dover Police Animal Control reports they will be conducting checks on animals within city limits to ensure pet owners are following the laws, and will be seizing animals if any violations are discovered upon inspection.

Police say Animal Cruelty in the City of Dover fines can range up to $100.00 per dog with stiffer penalties for violations of state laws. Police ask residents to report any animal cruelty to the Dover Police Department 302-736-7111.

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