Milford Gets The Big Road Win Over Woodbridge

The Woodbridge boys basketball team brought Milford into their home gym to play under the lights on Friday night. It was an interesting game on both sides as the first half would not bring about many points to either team.

In the first quarter alone, the score between both teams with a total of eight points with Milford leading Woodbridge 6-2. However, Randy Dupont had something to say about that going into the second quarter as he would score 7 points within the first two minutes of the second quarter. Dupont would continue to contribute throughout the rest of the first half and helped his team score a total of 18 points going into the second half. On the other side, Milford’s Henry Nesmith scored 15 of his team’s half time 17 points.

Both teams were talking on the court about how this was not their game and that the second half would be much better. After seeing both teams play several times, I know this was not a common thread occurrence for each team as they both have seen success throughout the season and they would prove that in the second half.

The second-half would pick up on both sides, but it was Milford who would walk away with the upset win over Woodbridge, 48-43.

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