Inmate sought after reportedly failing to return to corrections center

Authorities in Dover say they are now looking for an inmate, who did not go back to a corrections center, after being allowed to leave to look for work.

The Delaware Department of Correction says on Tuesday, 24-year-old Kennyuan Baldwin didn’t return to the Morris Community Corrections Center in Dover. Baldwin was reportedly permitted to leave on a job seeking pass. Offenders at Community Corrections Centers, which are level 4 facilities, are allowed to leave for work, to look for work, or get treatment, as they are trying to transition back to the community.

There are now escape warrants out for Baldwin’s arrest. He is described as a black male, standing 5’8″, and weighting 130 pounds, with black braided hair, and brown eyes. Baldwin was serving a six month sentence, after finishing a 3 year sentence for a 2011 conviction of robbery and firearm offenses.

Anyone with information about Baldwin is asked to contact 1-800-542-9524 or a local police department.

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