Bennett’s Bleacher Creatures Are There To Help The Ringer Family

The James M. Bennett basketball teams have had the crowd support that every team hopes for this year, led by a student section that proudly refers to themselves as the “Bleacher Creatures”. The group show up to every home game, travel to the games they can, and cheer for their Clippers every moment they can. The team has responded, winning every home game so far this year.

The Creature are doing more than just that though; they are supporting one another.

During the past Christmas break, Steven Ringer took his mother to the hospital after she suffered a stroke. The worst news was yet to come though. The day after Christmas, the Ringer family was elated as they finally took Nancy home from the hospital. But once they were home, Steven’s dad Craig received a voicemail he will never forget. It was from his doctor asking him to call him back immediately. once he did, the doctor told him that his wife had leukemia. 

Nancy is now undergoing chemotherapy as she bravely fights on. Steven researched to find out the severity of leukemia, and naturally began to be worried for his mother. 

As his mother continues to fight, the stress and burden of the treatment weighs on the entire family. Knowing this, the Bleacher Creatures have offered their support to the Ringer family, mainly being there for Steven when he needs it. 

The treatment and expenses are expected to reach around $25,000.00. Any support helps, and the Ringer family is thankful for the help. Donations can be made through the following link, as well as further information on the Ringer family: 

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