Water on Mars

NASA has released new information that possibly suggests that there may have not only been water on Mars, but it may have actually been on the surface.  This contradicts the popular theory that the only water on Mars was solely underground. For water to be on the surface of Mars, the atmosphere would have to be much heavier and warmer than it is now. 

 The latest imagery from NASA’s Curiosity Rover shows a layered mountain, Mount Sharp, in the Gale Crater.  The mountain is made from different kinds of sediment, some of which were possibly distributed by a surrounding lakebed and other sediment from river or wind deposits.  Scientists from NASA believe that a lake, or a series of lakes, in the Gale Crater evaporated then reformed, causing the mountain’s unusual formation.

Scientists believe the mountainous shape we now see was formed by the lake filling with sediment from rivers over and over.  The sediment hardened once it reached a certain height and was eroded by the wind to form the mountain in the middle of the lakebed.  As the Curiosity Rover continues to move up the side of the crater, scientists will be able to see other rock formations to help come to a conclusion about water on the surface of Mars.  

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