Mardela girls fall short in their first Governor’s Challenge showcase

Mardela girls came out on fire as they take on Walkersville High School. The Mardela girls scored 16 unanswered points until Walkersville put away their first set of points.

First quarter, the Mardela girls dominated finishing off with an 18-5 score, but the second quarter was an even game with both teams notching 13 points a piece. The first quarter lead helped Mardela hold the first half lead 31-18.

However, Walkersville stole the second half – especially the fourth quarter. In the 3rd and 4th quarter combined, Walkersville score 39 points to Mardela’s 17 – the ladies of Walkersville out scored Mardela 20 to 5 in the fourth quarter alone. Mardela seemed to panic as the momentum began to shift, and that does tend to happen when teams who are not used to losing, begin to fall behind. Ultimately, it came down to Mardela not finishing off Walkersville when they had to opportunity and putting away their shots.

Walkersville went on to win the game 57-48 and shut down a very good Mardela team.

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