Trip to South America an ‘eye-opening’ experience for Md. law enforcement

A trip to Columbia, South America was an “eye-opening experience” about the heroin epidemic, according to local law enforcement.

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis attended a press conference at the DEA Baltimore District’s Office to discuss the trip with four other police executives across the state.

He says the drug trafficking networks in South and Central America have dramatically increased their cultivation and production of heroin as a result of America's increased addiction.

“We traveled deep into the Andes of South America to the poppy fields, and one thing became abundantly clear this is an enormous issue, an enormous issue, which really prompted us to look at the situation down in Columbia and see what we can do differently in the United States,” says Sheriff Lewis.

Sheriff Lewis says the East Coast has had a 600 percent increase in opiate addiction, leading to a new sub-culture of heroin addicts because it is purer and cheaper than opiods.

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