Haunted Delmarva – Cannonball House

Del. – As we count down to Halloween, we continue taking a look a
the spookiest places on the Eastern Shore.

may not have believed in ghosts before visiting the Cannonball House
in Lewes, but now, I'm more convinced. I believe the soul of Miss
Sarah ,who died in the home, was trying to communicate with us about
her death.

Lewes Historical Society, better known as the Cannnonball House, is
home to many ghost stories. Some tell of footsteps heard on the
upstairs level of the home. It's believed to be the ghostly steps of
women pacing the home, waiting for their sailor husbands to come home
from sea. Another tells the tale of a young maiden named Sarah
Rolan. One fateful night while tending to her fire, the unthinkable

dress caught on fire, and it quickly spread across her dress. She
ultimately died because of that fire and supposedly to this day she
actually haunts this house,” says Mike DiPaolo, the Executive
Director of the Lewes Historical Society.

Delmarva Historic Haunts (DHH) team has investigated here in the
past, and they say bringing fire into the house is key.

hasn't been a fire in that fireplace for a long time. As soon
as we put the candle in, things went off the hook ,” says DHH owner
Rick Coherd.

our purposes, we tried to remake the scene using a flashlight.,and
used the Ghost Meter Pro to ask Miss Sarah Yes or No Questions. The
number of flicks of a needle the device gives relays her answer. One
flick relays a yes, and two flicks means no. We felt the flashlight
would remind her of the fire, and her death, and that she would speak
to us more.

asked her if she was with us and if she was afraid of the flashlight.
For both she responded with one flick, or a yes.

Cummings of the DHH team has burn scars himself, and showed them to
Miss Sarah. He told her he wouldn't hurt her, and when he asked if
she believed him, she again responded with one flick, or a yes.

Sarah spoke to us for almost a half hour using the Ghost Meter Pro.
The DHH team tells us this is very uncommon for the device. They say
that normally, the device will off and reset after about four
questions. We also got a high pitched beep from one electromagnetic
field (EMF) reader. Another device, which translates EMFs into
words, told us MOIST and LAY. We believe it may have had to do with
her last moments on earth, as they tried to put out the fire.

it's all luck,or coincidence, but maybe the past really has something
to say.

always say at Delmarva Historic Haunts , the past is just the future
with the lights on ,” says Coherd.

Historic Haunts is hosting ghost hunts throughout the fall season, so
be sure to find them on FaceBook if you want to try it for yourself.
Tune in next week as we investigate the Milford Skate Rink.


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