Virginia's Board of Medicine creates opioid regulations to stop overdoses statewide

Virginia's Board of Medicine creates...

VIRGINIA - In Virginia, the Board of Medicine passed forward opioid regulations in an effort to stop the overdose epidemic.

These regulations are designed to give a clear guideline for providers who are prescribing opioids.

These regulations were created by the Board of Medicine rather than legislators in order to create the appropriate measures.

Some of those regulations include a 7-day-limit on opioids for acute pain, as well as placing different types of limits on management for chronic pain.

These were all designed to make sure excessive amounts of opioids are not being distributed.

In 2015, over 800 Virginians died of overdoses due to opioids and in 2016, the final count is still being calculated, but they are estimating about 1,000 overdoses, which estimates almost 3 Virginians every day dying of an overdose.

These regulations will take place once Governor Terry McAuliffe approves the new guidelines.

After that, it will take place immediately in order to make sure that all physicians understand those regulations.

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