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Cooking with Lynn: Rethinking Salad Dressings

Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava shows us how to make three different dressing that are easy to make and the whole family can get involved. Plus this will give your family a chance to try…

Cooking with Lynn: Creating Cheeseboards

Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava shows us how to make something that the whole family can get involved in. Plus, a fun way to get  your kids to try something new! Lynn guides us through…

Cooking with Lynn: All About Peaches

With peaches now in season, Nutrition Educator Lynn shows us how we can get the most out of this versatile fruit. You can add peaches to your infused water or iced tea. Also for a…

Cooking with Lynn: Fruity Ice Cubes

Staying hydrated during hot summer days is important! Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava shows us how we can rethink our water and jazz it up with some fun fruity ice cubes! Check it out!

Cooking With Lynn: Blueberries are in season!

SALISBURY, Md. - Blueberries are now in season. Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava's kitchen tells us all the great benefits about the fruit. Plus, shows us how we can add them to a breakfast on the…

Cooking with Lynn: Homemade Guacamole

  SALISBURY, Md. - Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava shows us how to cut an avocado and tells us all of it's health benefits. Check out her recipe for guacamole.

Cooking with Lynn: Snacks and appetizers

SALISBURY, Md. - We've all been there - looking for the perfect snack or appetizer, and today we're talking about just that. Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava has more.

Cooking with Lynn: Rethinking Salads

SALISBURY, Md. - When you think of making a salad, you probably think of using lettuce, some toppings, and a dressing. But, Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava is showing us how we…

Cooking with Lynn: Trying sunchokes

SALISBURY, Md. - We're back (virtually!) in Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava's kitchen, and we're talking about something you may not have ever even heard of. They're sunchokes, and Lynn has some tips…

Cooking with Lynn: Eating the Rainbow

SALISBURY, Md. - Getting kids involved in the kitchen can be hard, but not when you're using tons of colors to keep their attention and get them interested. Nutrition Educator Lynn Matava…

Cooking with Lynn: Homemade hummus

SALISBURY, Md. - It's Thursday, which means we're back in Lynn Matava's kitchen, and in one of Good Morning Delmarva's Deana Harley's favorite segments, we're learning how to make homemade hummus. Check…

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