Lady Grace Bed and Breakfast and Silver Spoon Tea Room

CRISFIELD, Md. – Owners of a unique bed and breakfast in Crisfield are working to not only create a staple in the area but to give back to the community. They’re doing so through events like their upcoming special dinner event featuring an award-winning chef. “We really try to make it unique and try to use it to promote the community and bring the community together,” says Grace Meyer, co-owner of Lady Grace Bed and Breakfast and Silver Spoon Tea Room.

Lady Grace Bed and Breakfast and Silver Spoon Tea Room is a quaint Inn in the historic district of Crisfield. With uniquely period-style decorated rooms, we’re told it’s becoming an iconic staple in the community. “A lot of events and people need places to stay and a lot of people pick us here at the Lady Grace,” says Meyer.

Owners Grace and Bill Meyer tell 47 ABC, they host dinner events once a month to engage the community, and eventually create more foot traffic in the area. “Just bringing people that want to come to something here in Crisfield which gives them an option that doesn’t exist at the moment,” says Meyer. That’s why they’re gearing up for a dinner event featuring a renowned chef named Daniel Chantelou.

With 40 years of culinary experience, working as head chef at the Maryland Governor’s state house for Governor Harry Hughes, restaurants in the city of Baltimore, and even members of President Jimmy Carter’s family. “From that dinner, they do nine courses so it’s going to be absolutely fantastic, it’s going to feature Smith Island crab and rockfish and shrimp, we’ve got filet mignon all on the menu,” explains Meyer.

More importantly, these dinner events allow them to donate part of the proceeds to local non-profits in the area; this dinner will support Gallery 413. Meyer says, “They do a wonderful thing here in Crisfield by bringing the community together, they focus on artists from around the community and promote their art.”

Meyer says events like these capture the essence of Crisfield and what they’re trying to do, bringing people to the area from all across Delmarva. She adds, “It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and were just people people! So we love bringing people together, we love seeing people laugh, seeing people enjoy themselves.”

The bed and breakfast has four rooms in total, with breakfast served in the morning featuring Meyer’s special cooking. Meyer says they hope to host more events in the future, especially during the summer with other events happening in the area.

The dinner takes place Saturday, June 3rd, first seating at 5:30 and the second one at 7:30. You can call 602-531-4017 for more information on the dinner.

If you want to book a night at the inn in the future, or even learn more about Meyer’s high teas she hosts, visit the inn’s website.

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