Updates In Sussex Central investigation, still limited details

Sussex Central High School

GEORGETOWN, Del. – New developments were released Friday in the mystery surrounding Sussex Central High School staff placed on administrative leave. The Indian River School District announced Monday that members of the staff had been placed on leave. They would not give details on exactly who is involved, how many people or just why they were placed on leave. Friday the school district issued a following up statement to remind residents that being placed on leave is not confirmation of any wrongdoing.


“It is a regular practice of the Indian River School District to place employees on paid leave in many circumstances, including when there is an allegation, investigation, complaint, threat against the employee, or other instance warranting paid leave.  When an employee is placed on paid leave, this should never be construed as expressing or implying that an employee will face employment action or that an employee may have engaged in any wrongful conduct (of any severity). The District will not provide further comment on this issue.”

Originally Delaware State Police told 47 ABC they were not involved in any investigation. Friday, DSP also released updated information saying they have been working with the Department of Justice and Indian River School District from the beginning.


A spokesperson said, “After consultation and review with the Department of Justice, we are conducting a criminal investigation. While it is essential to keep our communities informed, it is equally vital for the DSP to ensure the integrity of the investigation. Providing a safe school environment is of the utmost importance to both DSP and the Indian River School District. We will provide meaningful updates when available. We thank the public for their patience and understanding as the investigation progresses.”


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