Trail of Change tour

SNOW HILL, Md. – The Eastern Shore, known for its beautiful scenery is transitioning to springtime. In Snow Hill, the wildlife, swamp, and creatures are also preparing on the trail of change. A trail you can visit, to observe the spring awakening.

Shad landing state park is one of the many places on the eastern shore that showcase the beauty and hidden gems of Delmarva. The trail of change is a short trail filled with many wonders; From the bald cypress swamp to the hardwood forest, and the creatures that reside there.

A quiet area in Snow Hill at the Pocomoke River State Park, this trail is even filled with migrating birds, all in a world of their own. Spearheaded by the Lower Shore Land Trust, a group that protects and restores natural resources, wildlife habitats, and working lands, they coordinate walks on the trail to give community members a better understanding of the beauty and beauty preservation that takes place by observing this area.

The overall mission is to support and connect healthy vibrant communities. The trail of change is a product of the preservation efforts that take place to maintain such a scenic and fruitful landscape.

Whether you’re a local, or looking to plan a trip, the trail will always be there, and the beauty of nature is ready to be admired and cared for.

The trail is located at shad landing state park at 3461 Worcester highway, Snow Hill, MD.

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