Organic cotton candy shop opens doors in Lewes, owner honors daughter’s memory


LEWES, Del. “She was my best, best, best friend. My sidekick. I dedicated my life to her care,” Love said.

Saniyah was Gia Love’s daughter who passed away back in July 2020 at 11 years old. It was the result of complications of several disabilities including cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Saniyah was also non-verbal. “She could talk though with her eyes and her body language. You would always know what Saniyah was thinking or feeling,” Na Na’s Candy Kloudz Founder Gia Love said.

“But most of all Saniyah loved Yo Gabba Gabba! That was her favorite and cotton candy.”

Her memory now lives on through her favorite sweet treat. NaNa’s Kandy Cloudz is now open for business in Lewes.

Love makes the cotton candy herself and it’s 100% organic. Na Na’s Candy Kloudz offers a variety of all-natural flavors from Tropical Breeze, Bubble Gum Blast, Blueberry, and more. “When I say organic, I’m using 100% certified raw cane sugar and certified flavors,” Love said.

A portion of the sales go to support the nonprofit #RunSaniyahRun, which Love operates as well. “Doctors said she would never walk and she walked. It wasn’t all that great, but she could walk. Saniyah would also try to run which birthed the name #RunSaniyahRun.”

The nonprofit helps families with special needs children with things like financial assistance and emotional support. “Some of the families that we help were classmates of hers so it’s really personal. I know Saniyah’s like ‘run mommy run’,” Love said.

Saniyah’s stepdad, Tone Love, helps his wife run everything and calls what they do a labor of love. “We love you Na. We hope you get to see what we’re doing and it’s all for you and the people that we’re helping,” Love said.

Although she’s not here with them, Love says her daughter’s presence is always felt. “Everybody that eats the cotton candy, I know Saniyah’s like ‘yeah a little taste of heaven’. That’s our slogan,” Love said.

Love also tells 47 ABC there are plans to expand staff in the future, including bringing on adults with special needs to gain job experience.

The shop is located at 34677 Old Postal Lane in front of the Midway Assembly of God Church.

To find out more about the nonprofit click here

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