Weather Tidbits: How to Build a Homemade Thermometer

This Weather Tidbits shows you how to make a thermometer at home. To build your homemade thermometer, you will need 6 items; a marked index card, tape, modeling clay or playdoh, a clear straw, a clear bottle and food coloring. Once completed, the straw & index card held together by the tape. The rest of the bottle will involve using the clay/playdoh to seal the top of the bottle and hold the straw in place. Fill the bottle about 80% with water and the food coloring and don’t fill completely. Lastly, place the straw so it goes half to three-quarters of the way down the bottle. As the temperature rises, the liquid will move up the straw and vice versa; but also use an actual thermometer to mark the temperatures for accuracy.

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