$9M to combat growing concerns of homelessness in Delaware


DELAWARE – Close to $9 million is headed to Delaware to address the growing concerns of homelessness.

The funding comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Youth Homeless Demonstration Program Renewal and Replacement Grants. Money will go to nonprofits with new and existing projects focused on improving affordable housing statewide.

YWCA Delaware provides outreach services for families to improve their quality of life. Housing is on the top of that list, and they are receiving more than $700,000.

The non-profit tells us the majority of that funding will support their emergency shelter and transitional housing program. That includes 10 apartments that house clients in an effort to reduce economic barriers. “Our clients have a high severity of need with nearly 29% of adults entering the program with zero income,” Chief Housing Officer Lisa Forever said.

“What happens is that you have limited number of days for the emergency shelter. It can go 30, 60, 90 days depending on the client’s needs and what it takes to support them to move forward. Some clients need more time.”

The YWCA also tells us this funding will go to support their rapid re-housing program. That focuses on financial literacy and gives clients tools to increase their income to potentially secure stable housing. “Placing a client into housing is part of it but making sure they have the resources necessary to empower them or enhance their currently situation so they can maintain,” Forever said.

YWCA tells us this funding won’t be enough to completely address the housing crisis Delaware is facing but it’s a step in a right direction.

The nonprofit is also exploring new partnerships with several organizations to reach more Delawareans.

8 other non-profits were awarded on this round of funding including Code Purple Kent County who received 100-thousand dollars.

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