Weather Tidbits: Beaufort Scale at Sea

This Weather Tidbits explores each force of the Beaufort Scale at sea. The beaufort scale is an emperical measure that relates wind speed to observed conditions at sea or land and consists of 13 forces. The scale starts with force 0 or calm is when the sea surface is smooth & mirror-like. Force 1 or light air deals with scaly ripples & no foam crests. Force 2 or light breeze involves small wavelets, crests glassy & no breaking. Force 3 or gentle breeze is large wavelets, crests begin to break & scattered whitecaps. Force 4 or moderate breeze are small waves & numerous whitecaps.

Force 5 or fresh breeze consist of moderate waves, many whitecaps & some spray. Force 6 or strong breeze is large waves, whitecaps common & more spray. Force 7 or near gale involves sea heaps up and white foam streaks off breakers. Force 8 or gale is moderately high waves & foam blown in streaks. Force 9 or strong gale are high waves, sea begins to roll & dense streaks of foam. Force 10 or storm is very high waves, sea white with densely blown foam & lowered visibility. Force 11 or violent storm is exceptionally high waves & foam patches cover the sea. Lastly force 12, a hurricane deals with the air filled with foam & the sea completely white with driving spray.

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